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March 2017     |     250 words     |         Read in less than a minute

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Trees and vegetation and the ecosystem that nurtures them are the foundation on which the world’s food chain is based, the fuel that allows life on the planet to flourish. They are natural carbon sinks, creators of oxygen, producers of millions of natural resources and the very lifeblood of human and animal existence.

Unfortunately, the environment is in peril due to the ravages of climate change and our insatiable need to consume. Tata companies have, over the years, dedicated resources and knowhow in varied regions and geographies for environmental causes, from afforestation programmes to greening initiatives, from ecological regeneration to biodiversity protection.

A Hug for a Hotspot, Tata Power, Maharashtra, India

In the last 30 years, Tata Power has planted in excess of 18 million saplings in the catchment areas around the Walwhan dam and its hydroelectric facilities in the Mulshi and Maval regions of India’s Western Ghats, an environmental hotspot. This initiative has helped rejuvenate the springs in the region and conserve local flora and fauna.

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