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Tata Global Beverages (TGB) is a natural beverages company with a focus on Tea, Coffee and Water.

TGB is the second largest branded tea company in the world with a presence in more than 40 countries around the world. It has evolved from an Indian plantation business into a global brand-focussed organization with a wide portfolio of brands that delight customers with over 330 million servings every day across the world.

It has equal partnership joint ventures with Starbucks for cafes and Pepsico for liquid beverages in India.

Business Highlights FY18

Domestic business

  • The tea business delivered strong volume and value growth with market leadership
  • Crossed the 100-store milestone for Starbucks, a Tata alliance, in October 2017
  • Launched new tea brands, including Tata Tea Masala, Tetley Super Green Tea and Tata Tea Teaveda and expanded into adjacent categories with Tata Tea Fruski (ready-to-drink beverage) and Tata Cha (out-of-home retail tea format)

International business

  • Restructured the international business strategy
  • Identified areas of growth and invested in brands and new product launches, including a successful K-cup renegotiation
  • Exited loss-making businesses in Russia and China
  • Executed a business-restructuring exercise to streamline operations and reduce cost base

Financial Highlights FY18

No. Label 2017-18 (Rs crore)
1 Revenue 6,910
2 EBITDA 839
3 EBIT 723
4 PAT 557

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